10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

(some things may surprise you)

I love getting to know my clients and really love when I can connect with them on a personal level. When we are able to create a true, genuine connection with one another is when client relationships turn into long-term friendships and there is nothing I love more than that. So, I thought I’d open up a bit and share a few things you may not know about me.

1. I Don’t Drink Coffee

Every time someone offers me a coffee on event day and I turn it down, they’re in shock. There aren’t many event planners that go 14-hour event days, on their feet without a few cups of coffee as fuel. Don’t worry, I do get my caffeine fix, that’s for sure! I am a serious tea lover but I wont go near coffee.

Good morning beautiful and good morning handsome coffee mugs

2. I am Tone Deaf

I might actually be the worst singer on the planet. Trust me when I say I have a pretty bad reputation when it comes to singing but I honestly can’t help myself, I love to sing! I love just belt it out and give it my all – others don’t appreciate it so much. Sorry in advance…

3. I Can’t Stand Clutter

I seriously cannot stand clutter. I just cringe at the sight of a mess or at the sight of pointless nick-knacks in a pile, not displayed nicely, collecting dust. Don’t allow me in your home when you’re not around if you’re a collector… I might get a bit crazy and get rid of things for you.

4. I Went to Greece on My Honeymoon

My husband and I are both Italian and have both wanted to see the home land but for whatever reason Greece stuck out to us so much as a destination we had to explore and I am so glad it was. I mean, I don’t have much to compare it to (I sadly haven’t travelled much) but it is a seriously gorgeous country.

Santorini, Greece

5. I was a Terrible Student

I was so terrible at school and absolutely hated report card time. I never did well other than in gym class (the best class, ever!) Although I was a terrible student I’ve always been and A+ employee. Click here to learn more about me.

6. I Don’t Like Peanut Butter

I have no idea why but I have never liked peanut butter. It smells, its gooey and I don’t understand how people love it so much.

7. I Love Pillows

I don’t think I am the only one here, but I have a serious crush on cute pillows. I love it when I have so many pillows that there is barely any room to sit on my couch. They just make a space look so cozy! Who doesn’t love a cute pillow?

8. I Dated My Husband for Almost a Decade Before We Wed

I have to give it to him on this… My husband, Kevin takes a lot of slack for waiting almost a decade to propose but we did meet pretty young… I was only 18 when we met and Kevin had quite the educational journey before diving into his career.

Bride and groom in garden with rocks

9. I Love Reality TV

Admitting this makes me want to dig a hole and hide a little, but seriously I can’t express how much I love it! I will spare you the details on what shows I actually spend hours of my time watching… but they’re seriously good.

10. I Once Ate an Entire Pot of Mashed Potatoes

I was like 8… and I was an active kid, okay? But seriously… mashed potatoes are so good.


So, there you have it… 10 things you didn’t know about your fav Hamilton Event Planner! 😉 Now its your turn, what’s something I wouldn’t know about you? Let me know in the comments below!