May 1, 2017

Since I just launched and I am a total newbie at blogging (please forgive me…) I thought I’d do a little introduction to get started.

I’ve been working in the event industry for over 7 years partnering with a few different corporations. I’ve been very fortunate to have enjoyed each experience and I have been very lucky to have worked with some amazing mentors along the way.

It was last year when I found myself sitting at my desk with not enough work to do to fill my day. I was caught up on all my work, social media updates and I couldn’t possibly come up with a task.

There I sat with a healthy salary, a great benefits package, pension, but I wasn’t being challenged. I couldn’t help but think “there has to be something more…” I needed to be somewhere I could thrive. I craved something more than the stable 9:00-5:00pm.

It was then when I realized that there was not only a better solution for me personally in my career development but a better solution for all of these organizations with in-house event planners. Companies pay their event planners an annual salary even though our jobs have very clear peak and low seasons. If they don’t have someone in house, companies often have an internal employee with no event experience pick up their occasional event. This leaves that employee overworked and frequently results in a poorly executed event. Just because this is the way we’ve traditionally hired event planners doesn’t mean that’s the best solution.

In the spring of 2016 I took a leap of faith and started my own business. I made the decision to start contracting out my services, it is simply a win-win solution. My clients win by saving money by only paying for an event planner when necessary (not to mention receiving top quality services) and I win because I am challenged with different projects that I thrive off of.

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