#WorkIt Social Interview

Did you catch my interview with #Workit Social? I was thrilled when they told me they’d like to feature me. I’ve decided to provide you with a sneak peek with a few questions I answered below.

Where does your love of event planning stem from?

I grew up with a family friend that was an event planner and I looked up to her so much. I could tell she worked so hard and often long hours but more than anything you could tell she absolutely loved her job.

I was lucky enough to be able to shadow her a few times and I fell in love with the “organized chaos” and the on-your-feet problem solving that was needed in order to succeed in this business. I knew as early as high school that I wanted to be an event planner so I went for it.

When I actually got into event planning and once I realized the amount of work and attention to detail it really takes, I was addicted. I love organization and love the feeling of accomplishment when I see an idea come to life on event day. Click here to learn more about me.

How do you think your expertise stands apart from others?

I make sure that I take the time to understand my client’s goals and really dig deep into WHY are they hosting an event. After all, they’re not just hosting an event for fun. They want to achieve something, whether that be revenue generation, brand awareness, or employee appreciation.  Everything I do in the planning process, I do with my client’s goals in mind.

Because everything Event Boutique & Co. does is so strategic and generates results, this is why we’re hired for future projects. Take a look at our process, to find out more.

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Want to hear more from my interview and find out things like What is the biggest lesson I’ve learned so far is?  Check out the full interview with #WorkIt Social.